Are you in love with your dining table? Furniture does not have an expiration date like foods, and it isn’t susceptible to the fickle change of trends in the same way that lighting and soft furnishings is.

Dining tables are, for many of us, one of the more traditional spaces for home interiors. We are attached to the legacy of heritage and childhood memories and because we spend so much time around our dining tables these are rarely snap decisions – we think long and hard about what we need now, and for the future.

If you find your kitchen or dining table has become a place to put down the post and your keys are taking up more space than a dinner plate when you sit and eat meals, you may be ready to consider a larger table.

If your family dynamic is changing and children are growing or even moving out, you may be investing in a separate dining room. And if eating well is important to your daily routine, investing in a bespoke, timeless piece is not something to consider.

Here is the light-hearted Extraordinary Tables guide to the things that might be telling you, it’s time to extend your dining table horizons.

 1 You need more space for meals than a kitchen island

 2 Your family needs elbow room – and you’re table extension is out more than it is packed away

 3 The table took a bashing when you moved and is permanently wonky

 4 The moving date is set on your forever home, but you know the lovely family table you’ve had for years won’t quite fit

 5 There is no substitute for natural wood. You tried, but the (beautiful) marine-ply veneer just isn’t working in the way you hoped it would

6 You love a long table, it reminds you of lively parties and long summer holiday lunches in France – you’re already asking if there is room for one in your home!

Image credit: Andrea Davis, Unsplash