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Our first collection of custom-made tables has taken more than 2 years to bring to life. Every piece of furniture is unique and we know the story behind every knot and grain of the wood.

The Pentire banquet table seats 30 comfortably (12 at a generous social distance) and our unique side tables combine the beauty of natural wood with distinctive bases made from unique, historical artefacts.

We have carefully chosen fixing of the highest quality. Our master craftsman has spent many years designing luxury yacht interiors so all tables are finished with marine-grade resin, for a low sheen and outstanding durability.

Get A Little Closer

Something extraordinary happens when you study a piece of timber up closely, you get to know every knot and grain. And the more you study it, the more time you want to spend with it. We did not set out to make live-edge tables, but as the wood seasoned we fell in love with these rustic, natural edges. Every piece of wood we use is unique and the work to smooth the rustic into sleek, smooth, live edges is painstaking. But see for yourselves, we think it is worth it.