Craftsmen have long cherished English oak for its beautiful grain. At Extraordinary tables, we specialise in the use of English Pippy Oak and we know the provenance and age of every single piece of wood that we use.

In general terms, ‘pippy oak’  refers to clusters of very small knots that are often caused by cattle nibbling shoots from the trunk of a tree as it grows. This causes new shoots to grow which are often nibbled off again, or new buds are sprouted underneath their bark.

Pippy Oak is also knows as cat’s paw oak and it is very hard and durable. The timber often has patches of ‘pip’, which give it good visual interest and colour variation.

We’ve been making bespoke tables from this beautiful English wood for many years now, and in 2020 Extraordinary Tables launched our first complete collection of live-edge tables. Each piece of timber is left as close to its natural state as we can, the grain shines through and a durable resin finish completes every one of our unique designs.

Our carefully curated collection includes dining, coffee and console tables and a magnificent table for banquets and weddings. See the full collection here

pippy oak tree

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