One single, solid piece of Lebanon Cedar, planted hundreds of years ago on the grounds of the Wilton House Estate has become a truly bespoke long banqueting table. Under the careful stewardship of our master craftsman, the wood was seasoned for more than two years before becoming this marvellous table. Up to 34 people can be seated comfortably at our magnificent banqueting table, or 12 at a generous social distance.

Distinctive and Beautifully Designed

Finished with marine-grade resin, our Pentire table seats up to 12 at a comfortable social distance. Made from one single, solid length of Lebanon cedar, this unique table will be the heart of your home, or a stunning centrepiece for your venue.


Wood:  Lebanon Cedar
Finish:  Marine grade resin
Seats:   30-34 (maximum)

Length:  668.02
Width:   152.4cm
Seats:    76.2cm