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We make extraordinary tables from single pieces of solid wood. And because no two trees are the same, the grain that sets apart two trees that stand next to each other can be remarkable. But this individuality is not always celebrated in modern furniture. 

Trends have moved towards mass production and uniform styles that all look the same. So, some years ago we asked ourselves: is it time to celebrate the natural beauty of wood? Is it time to offer something different? And so, Extraordinary Tables was born.

Table In Meadow

Furniture production in the UK has moved further and further away from artisan crafts and the uniform items presented in catalogues and showrooms are celebrated for their ease of assembly rather than the quality of the wood and craftsmanship. We spend a lot of our lives in woodland and countryside so we have first-hand knowledge of the varying qualities of the different varieties.

Our dream was to make extraordinary tables from a single piece of wood that would be a hero in a home or celebration setting. We also wanted to create a magnificent banqueting table – but we had no idea how hard it would be to source a solid piece of timber of this size! Traditionally, tables used for banqueting and large gatherings are made from sections of wood.

We soon realised that we had quite a search on our hands to find the remarkable piece of wood that we hoped for to make a large table from a single piece of timber. It took us several years, but when we found a felled cedar wood tree, in a timber yard in central England we knew this would make the perfect project for our Cornwall workshop.

The seasons came and went… it took more than two years for the sap to settle enough for the wood to be handled. During this time we researched and tested fixtures, finding the sturdiest brass feet for adjusting to the natural timbre of an old house or lodge. And we tried various waxes and finishes that would give the durability we wanted to provide, but with no compromise to the beautiful grain of the wood.

Now, several years later we have our hero table, and several more to make up our Signature Collection. As you will see if you browse our site, every table has a unique story and each piece is a truly remarkable and extraordinary piece of furniture.