Stuck in a rut but not sure what to do to update your home? Let us help you with that! At Extraordinary Tables we’re passionate about functional design that is also beautiful to look at. And the interiors trends that we are observing are very close to our hearts this year.

Sustainable materials continue to be important and design will celebrate individuality and what it means to be truly unique. But what else can we expect from interior design in 2020? Our exclusive Spring edit looks at some of the 2021 trends for interior design – and what we think about them.


We love this look because it combines the best of both worlds – ot suits those of us who love our creature comforts but also want to include some characterful details in our living spaces. This look is perfect for homes that have interesting original features, such as floorboards, wall panels or picture rails, but with some careful planning it is not hard to introduce into most living spaces.

Characterised by: Reclaimed or wood that is slightly on the rustic side. 

Colours to look out for: 2021 wood is given the opportunity to shine – transparent wax finishes are being favoured over chalk paint or liming.

ET Rating:  8/10 we love a lot about this trend – but we prefer wood that is polished, not left with a rough, rustic finish. Wood that is treated with resin is more durable – so dining tables in particular benefit from this extra process.



Starting the year afresh after the roller coaster events of 2020, we’re desperately in need of a little extra comfort in our homes. Nostalgia is featuring heavily in soft furnishing trends, as muted florals and linen finishes make a welcome reappearance. This style is less polished than chic-country… but oh so welcoming. 

Characterised by: Floral, natural fabrics, ornate cutlery canteens, glazed ceramics in muted natural shades and whimsical framed prints.

Colours to look out for: the traditional cottage pairing of green and pink is making a reappearance – and looks set to stay!

ET Rating:  6/10 This is a charming trend that we’re happy to see reappearing. For those of us in the country, it hasn’t really gone away as rustic design trends are often based on bringing the outdoors inside the home. We particularly like the colour scheme of pink and green – it’s a perfect complement to natural wood furniture.


What is more inspiring than thinking of the world at our feet? Travel, distant places and dreams of far-away locations are inspiring us all to bring a much-needed injection of colour into our homes. Whether you’re longing for an island getaway or dreaming of distant deserts or shores, for many of us our homes now need to provide us this inspiration. And more than ever before, home means a space that we can feel safe, welcomed and somewhere to recharge at the end of a long day – even if all we have done is walked from one room to another.

Global style is bright, contemporary and vibrant. It is a clash of tropical brights and muted monotones that won’t assault the senses.

Characterised by: Bringing the outdoors in at every opportunity. Leaf prints, natural scents and a harmonising mix of natural materials and hotel chic: water hyacinth, raffia, linen and solid wood sit side by side with polished brass and enamel.

Colours to look out for: Citrus yellow, flashes of pink and green… lots of green!

ET Rating: 9/10 this is a step out of our traditional-esque comfort zone although there is lots here that we know and love. Pinks, greens and yellows are all natural colours that we adore – and 2021 feels like the year that we truly need brightening up. Nothing in this trend would be out of place with a contemporary, solid wood table – we love it!

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